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Latest Updates from Our Project:

The First Packet...is Away!
about 2 months ago – Fri, Aug 12, 2022 at 08:43:50 PM

There is a LOT to talk about!

Hey folks, Matt Colville here. The first packet is done! You should either already have an email from Backerkit, or be soon to receive an email from Backerkit, explaining how to download all the files in the packet. There’s a bunch of them!

Anyone who preordered the book or PDF, either on Kickstarter or Backerkit, will get access to all the packets as they release as well as access to all previous packets. If it’s been three business days since this update, and you still haven’t gotten your email, please contact hello@mcdmproductions.com.

On with the show!

The Monsters

I mean, this is what we’re all here for, right? This packet contains the MCDM Orcs as well as the Voiceless Talkers (aka the MCDM Squid Dudes) and the Enchanted Forest environment. That’s 19 different stat blocks! We also made an Orc Retainer, and a Companion for the Orc Critter, the Mohler.

I think people are going to get an enormous amount of use and value out of the monsters in this packet, but not all packets are equal. This one has 19 stat blocks in it because the last four months started with us assigning all the monsters in the entire BOOK. And that was an involved process, each monster gets a Kickoff Meeting where the whole team and the designer assigned to the monster get together and talk about “what kind of thing is this?”

These meetings are only about an hour long, but the result is that the designer and the artists and everyone else on the DevTeam all agree on what kind of thing it is we’re making.

The Orcs

Like the orcs! We worked with Willy Abeel to figure out “what is an MCDM orc?” We don’t want to reinvent the wheel, but we want to have a clear vision that we believe in and we feel is exciting and more fun than the generic orc.

Out of the Orc Kickoff Meeting came the idea of Orcs having blood fire. Literally their veins glow in combat when they are close to death. And the Relentless trait which grants them one chance to strike a killing blow before they die.

We think that core ability and the visual of it makes our orcs pretty fun and distinct. But that’s just one ability shared by all Orcs, each orc also gets cool unique abilities that reinforce the idea of orcs as being organized, coordinated, intelligent fighters.

The kickoff meetings are also where we talk about the art design. What are our Orcs going to look like? This is a major issue! We want something that makes you think “yep that’s an orc” without looking or feeling generic and I feel pretty good about where we landed!

We tried a lot of different ideas until we started focusing on their faces and hair! Grace Cheung drew an orc with long flowing locks and I was reminded of stories of the Spartans getting ready for war. “Long hair adds beauty to a good face, and terror to an ugly one.”

Once we hit upon that look it seemed like the rest of the orc fell into place and you’ll see a bunch of orc concepts in the packet, showing off that process.

Warning! Less Is More!

All these orcs are cool. I’ve fought against them in playtesting (Garotters SUCK!) and I’m excited to run them as a GM (Garotters are AWESOME!). But it’s easy to see all these new options and want to try them all! Right away!

The problem with that is; it’s just too many new, different abilities for your first encounter. Relentless, Gnashing Horde, Unimpeded, Juke, Affinity, Elemental Discharge, Power Burst, Rush, Healing Rally. I mean that’s just the first several orcs and that’s not including their actual weapon attacks.

If you use more than say 3 different kinds of orc in your first encounter, you’re going to overload yourself. Better to start with an encounter with one kind of orc, or maybe two or three, and slowly over the course of an adventure, vary which kinds of orcs you use until you’re familiar with all of them. Then you can go crazy!

But still, it would be fun to get to know how these new orcs work, maybe outside the context of your normal campaign. So we had an idea!

Against The Horde

We partnered with the folks at 2C Gaming to create a unique scenario in which 4 heroes (pregenerated characters are included) see how long they can survive against a literally endless horde of orcs. We even made a custom map for it!

This is not a scenario that can be “won.” It is a desperate last stand against impossible odds. The only question is…how long can you survive?

I was part of the playtest for this and it was super fun even before it got honed down into its current form. The goal was; give GMs and players a fun way to learn how our new orcs work, in a consequence-free environment. I think this does this really well!

Of course, a lot of people play RPGs specifically because there IS no winner or loser, it’s very much not a competitive game and so we know some folks will find this scenario sort of pointless. It’s not part of any adventure, there’s no continuity, we get that.

But I had a lot of fun going through it as a player and I suspect many other people will too. We don’t know if a LOT of people will dig this scenario, or maybe just a few, but just in case we created a special channel in our Discord for folks to get together and talk about how their team did, and maybe use the channel to make groups just to try this scenario out.

If you STREAM your attempt and then paste a link to your stream into the discord so we can check it out and make sure it’s real, then we’ll add your group and your score to the leaderboard!

If people like this scenario and get value out of it, we got lots of cool ideas for future scenarios featuring the monsters in future packets.

Partnering with 2C Gaming meant we could deliver this scenario, which has been extensively tested just like everything else we do, without impacting the delivery of the packet. I wrote a short pitch, 2C Gaming took it and turned it into something incredibly cool, and the testers polished the hell out of it. All while the monsters were proceeding normally through the development pipeline.

The Voiceless Talkers

VERY excited to see what you folks think of the MCDM Squid Dudes, you get two different basic flavors (a controller and an artillery) and one action-oriented villain; Lord Syuul.

Known formally as the Synlirii, these monsters were a lot of fun to design. We imagined they could “steal your thoughts” and the challenge was contextualizing that in gameplay. I think our implementation (Memory Thief) is pretty good! But what matters is what you folks think!

They also show how we think of psionics and spellcasting. We’ve developed our own psionics system for an upcoming product, but you don’t need to know how any of it works! The Synlirii just have dope abilities with a tag that tells you how powerful they are (3rd-Order Power, 5th-Order Power, etc…).

Then once the MCDM Psionics Rules come out, if you’re playing a Talent (our custom Psionics Class) those tags explain how hard it is for your character to learn the synlirii’s unique psionic abilities.

We like the idea that a Psionic PC can just see a Voiceless Talker do their thing and then get a chance to figure out how they did it, and we think this is a simple and elegant way to achieve that.

The Enchanted Forest

You get two monsters just for use in any adventure where your players are moving through an Elf Wode or a Mystic Forest and you want to spice things up. That’s the idea behind “environments.” Your players are already here for whatever reason, and you want some new, cool options to challenge them and reinforce the theme of that environment.

Sadie Lowry handled design duties for these creatures, the Dancing Lady (a plant!) and the Empyrean Stag which I think as being basically the Elgenwights that Salar Bearmantle works for. So the next time I run a game in or near the Beowode (DUSK?!) the Empyrean Stag is what I intend to use for those guys.

And IF you’re in an Enchanted Forest AND you get ambushed by a Dancing Lady, you might need a pretty tactical map! So Nick de Spain, one of our artists and our Art Outsourcing Manager made a tactical map just for this purpose for you to either print out for use at the table, or use in your VTT of choice.

He made a day and a night version of the map, as well as gridded and non-gridded versions. Thanks Nick!

Music! Wait, Music?!

Yep!! This first packet includes a 45-minute long generative, ambient piece composed and performed by Synth YouTuber State Azure! I sort of can’t believe we actually did this.

When we first met and talked about what was going to be in this packet, we thought, “What would our backers like to see that they haven’t even thought of?” What could we surprise people with? That’s where the idea of the Against The Horde scenario came from and in that meeting I wondered if folks who might have a use for the Enchanted Forest monsters might also like some…music? Something ambient that sounds like an Enchanted Forest?

Thanks to my noodlings in modular synthesis I follow a lot of musicians including a YouTuber named State Azure. I’ve reached out to him in the past to get permission to use his ambient tracks in the background

I love this track, I’ve already listened to it like 10 times at least. It’s got a lot of cool stuff in here including vocal samples! I had no idea what State Azure would produce out of my description, and sort of the whole idea of generative ambient music is that even the artist doesn’t know what it’s going to do on a moment-to-moment basis, but I knew he’d deliver something amazing and it basically sounds EXACTLY like I imagined it would.

You are free to use this music at your table, or in the background of your twitch stream, but the music is ours and we do not grant permission for folks to use it in any products.

This stuff isn’t free, we make sure the folks who work with us are well-compensated, but it should be obvious that doing stuff like this, a 45-minute piece of ambient music, doesn’t impact the development of the book. I mean, we couldn’t have made this music even if we wanted to!

Like the Orc Scenario, this is one of those things where we THINK you folks will like this and use it, but we don’t know! Maybe this is just something we did once and there’s no real need or desire for more. But if enough folks like this and use it, we could do more!

Also, special shout out to our art director Jason Hasenauer who made some “album art” for the YouTube video and then also to Jerry for making it move! Super cool!!

Art, Art, Art

There is no final art done, but we’ve done a ton of concepting and we all thought it was a good idea to share it with you!

In the files you’ll download you’ll find a little over 40 pieces of art, mostly just sketches and explorations of what things COULD look like. Orcs and Hobgoblins and Giants and Voiceless Talkers. There’s a lot of cool stuff in here!

I think some of these are near-final designs but then once we believe in the design of a monster, it’s time to make illustrations that USE that design. So for instance you’ll see a bunch of giants in here, just in these neutral poses, facing the camera.

All those giants may go through lots of iteration before we’re happy with them. Do we like their proportions, do the Ice Giants have the right mix of being covered in ice without looking like they’re MADE of ice, do we like their outfits, do we like the way they cover themselves, or use technology?

Once we’re happy, then we can draw them DOING things, probably with a background, and those are the final illustrations in the book. These concepts probably won’t appear in the book at all, but we included them in the packet because we thought you’d like to see them! They might appear in the final book, like in the back? We’ll see.

Orc Concepts

You can see how our process works if you look at the orc concepts, but you sort of need to know what order to look at them in.

We did a bunch of exploratory work on the Orc Look, just our artists, mostly Grace, experimenting. That’s where stuff like this came from.

These orcs all look like they just sniffed something really gross.

At this stage, we’re just trying stuff out. You gotta start somewhere, so draw some stuff you think is cool and see how the team reacts.

After Grace took a stab at the orcs and drew many different iterations, we got together and talked about what we liked and what we didn’t and what kinds of archetypes we like and what stereotypes we wanted to stay away from.

Once we hit upon the idea of “Dope Hair” or, as Jason called it “Hot Orcs” we suddenly felt like we were on to something, and some new art quickly arrived based on these ideas.

Jason: "Oh you want Hot Orcs."

As soon as I saw this, I knew we were on the right track. I had a very strong, positive reaction to this. Part of the design process is taking certain design elements and seeing what happens if you really push them forward. Like what happens if we take the facial ridges and really exaggerate them?

Just an experiment. "What if we took the features on the left and exaggerated them?"

This was a useful exercise, but I thought we’d gone too far. But that’s the process. You often HAVE to go too far in order to discover what counts as “too far.”

This is where we eventually landed.

I think the hairless versions are just to show the shape of the head, but they also look good!

Obviously I can’t speak for all of you, but I LOVE these guys! I really, really love them. Now when I think of Orcs, this is what I picture in my mind and for me, that is a huge success.

Voiceless Talkers

Jason handled design duties on the Synlirii and his first stab at it was cool but a little conservative.

Too many bones, Herr Mozart.

I saw this and I thought it was really cool but I was like…we can do better. This is obviously a creature with muscles and bones and I said “Jason, go crazy. Give me an alien tentacle monster. Imagine we made an RTS and these were our Evil Squid Aliens, what would they look like?”

And he literally said “Oh, really? Ok, yeah I can do that!” I could tell he was holding back, he was drawing what he thought I wanted? Or what he thought everyone else wanted? But I was saying, “Give me YOUR alien squid dudes,” and this is the result.


I was just STUNNED when I saw this. I was in love. So often when the art team delivers what they’re inspired by, I have this sense of “I’ve never seen this before, but this is exactly what I wanted.”

Of course, Jason is a huge Sci-fi NERD and he couldn’t resist actually explaining how these guys actually work.


Oh yeah we gave them laser rifles FYI. I mean they’re not literally lasers, they’re psionic, but that was part of the brief. I wanted to communicate that these guys don’t just live down in some cave somewhere, they are from another world and they have developed their own high tech stuff, but it’s all based on psionics. It’s not science fiction, it’s space fantasy. And these are the villains.

Wrong scale for a normal Voiceless Talker, but could be Lord Syuul!

Jason often designs via sculpting and then once he’s happy with the 3D sculpt, he uses it to do a paintover and turn it into a 2D illustration.

I had to let Jason down and explain “No they need to be human-scale.” But! I said a unique, named villain like Lord Syuul could very well be Large like this.

Some Fiction

I dunno I just like writing, ok? I thought it would be fun to include a short interlude in which we meet some Orcs who are dealing with the Hobgoblins from a future packet, and discover the Ogre ally they were counting on is Not What He Seems.

And because I know some people prefer audiobooks to reading, I recorded my own take of the fiction. I’m no voice actor or narrator, but I had a lot of fun doing this and I hope you like it. :D

It’s just meant to give a sense of how the Orcs aren’t just creatures of hate and rage but thinking, feeling beings who can be just as insightful as anyone, and also how the Voiceless Talkers use their Guise ability to infiltrate societies and observe and manipulate things from the shadows.

That’s it! That’s Packet One

The next packet is HUGE, mostly because we spent a lot of the last 4 months just assigning the creatures to designers and then scheduling and attending the various kickoff meetings and then art meetings. So this packet sort of represents the initial trickle of results, and next is the flood.

But I think this packet, judged purely on the monsters, is a lot and folks will be using the Orcs and Voiceless Talkers in their games this week and some of them, like me for instance, for a long, long time.

We hope you like it all but we want to know what you think regardless. You can post your comments here or come by our discord and join the discussion there.

Thanks for all your support folks, we really hope you’re happy with the monsters and that there’s at least one other thing in here you didn’t expect and got a kick out of.

The Backerkit Update
4 months ago – Sun, Jun 12, 2022 at 12:03:24 AM

Hey everybody! Our Pledge Manager is launching now so I figured this was a good opportunity to explain what that is and how it works and just generally update everyone on progress with Flee, Mortals! (spoiler, everything’s going according to plan. :D)


So, you already know some of how this Kickstarter thing works, right? You already pledged at some level that included some rewards. That’s how you got here!

But Kickstarter only collects certain information. If your pledge includes say, a dope shirt, Kickstarter doesn’t ask you your shirt size. Or even where you live so we can ship this stuff to you.

So a whole ecology has evolved to help manage people’s pledges so you can tell us your shirt size and give us your shipping info. These are called Pledge Managers and ours is Backerkit. You should be getting an email from them soon. Well, “soon.” See below.

Customizing Your Pledge

Backerkit allows us to collect your shipping info and shirt size, etc…. But it also lets you customize your pledge!

You could add more Xorannoxes (Xoranni? Xorannoi? Xorannini?) or if your pledge didn’t include a T-shirt and now you want one, you can add it to your pledge in Backerkit. Some folks will add a second hardcover book to their rewards so they and a local friend can save on shipping.

Taxes & Shipping

Also, Backerkit is where we collect taxes and shipping! That’s super important, especially now when shipping costs change wildly from one day to another.

These steps will happen closer to the release of the book. Obviously if we charge you for shipping now and the price changes, that is Bad. So the plan is to charge for shipping as close to the actual shipping of the book as possible.

Which means you’ll probably get a few emails from Backerkit over the next year and a half.


You should get an email from Backerkit saying “The Flee, Mortals! pledge manager is open!” You may already have one.

However, there’s a LOT of backers and automated email systems get frisky when you try to spam ~30k people all at once, so if you’re reading this within say 24-48 hours of it being posted and you haven’t gotten your email, do not fret. Your email is probably coming.

If it’s been a week since this update and still nothing, at that point it's reasonable to contact us at hello@mcdmproductions.com


The pledge manager also allows folks who missed the Kickstarter campaign to preorder the book! Or anything else on offer. You can do that here!


Actual Book Update

Things are going…according to plan! We still think the first packet will drop towards the end of July, all the monsters within have already had one design pass and are currently with our contract testers (i.e. the testers who are under contract and get paid).

I am personally very happy with everything and super excited for you all to see the Dope Stuff in this first packet. So, really there’s not much to talk about. There’s a lot going on behind the scenes, but I want to avoid talking about which monsters are in each packet, or what choices we’ve made in development, just because if folks hear that the Frumious Bandersnatch or whatever is in this next packet, and that’s a monster they’ve used a lot in the past, then folks start “guessing” at what the MCDM version will be like, and some of those guesses will be really cool and then other people get excited and then the actual MCDM Frumious Bandersnatch comes out and folks are like “Oh. I liked CoolGuy420_69’s idea better.” I have seen this happen on other projects I’ve worked on in the past and it's super disheartening for the team.

We’d rather make a strong first impression with the actual design, so stay tuned! The first packet will be here before you know it and then A: there’ll be plenty to talk about and B: the next packet after this one should happen a little quicker as much of the initial design for the book has been frontloaded in these last several weeks.

So that‘s it! Tons of cool stuff on the horizon and hopefully a few surprises in this first packet.



Two MILLION Dollars!
5 months ago – Thu, May 05, 2022 at 02:46:38 AM

So twenty-seven THOUSAND of you just said “yeah gimme that monster book!” Which is, I’m not going to lie, a bigger number than I expected. :D

And that means a LOT! It means we’re going to play The Campaign For North Africa! You know, I’m not sure I ever really considered this before, but I don’t think there’s any other way we’d ever try to play that game. It’s been sitting on my shelf for years but there was never any serious thought given to actually playing the damn thing! Well, now we have a really good reason! :D

But come on, that’s just a thing we’re gonna do, it’s not the reason you’re here. This is about making more and better monsters for 5th Edition. It’s about making fighting monsters more fun for everyone involved.

We’re already a certain percentage of the way done! That preview packet (let’s agree to call it the Preview Packet, and the next packet will be Packet #1) shows how we think, our design, and points in a certain direction.

Now it’s time to get started on the REST of the book, which is to say, the fun part. :D We’re already contracting writers, and have kickoff meetings scheduled THIS WEEK!

Kickoff Meetings

Most monsters (or bands, or environments) get a Kickoff Meeting where I (design director), James (lead designer), Jason (art director) get together in a call with the freelance designer who'll be writing and designing the monster. Nick (artist, outsource manager) and Grace (staff artist) are usually in the call too.

We need all these people (six people!) in the meeting because the Kickoff is where we figure out “what is this thing?” What does it look like? What abilities does it have? How is it similar to the classic monster we already know? How is it different?

These meetings are work, but they’re also a lot of fun. We usually end up with an idea board of different images that will inform the visual design, and a short list of ideas for different gameplay abilities. No final design, but we might say…the Voiceless Talkers can steal your memories. What does that MEAN!? Well, that’s for the designer to figure out later.

But the point of the meeting is that, even if we don’t know all the details, we agree on and believe in the direction. We’re all working on the same monster whether you’re an artist or a designer.

The designer doesn’t need to know how “steal memories” works yet, but they need to be confident they can come up with something.

I’m in the meeting because it’s my job to make sure everyone understands “what kind of thing is this?” For the Goblin kickoff meeting I said “Our goblins are slightly goofy but also deadly.” And that was…about my entire contribution! It’s my job to define the scope of the problem. “It has to fit in this box.” But within that box, the artists and designers are free to explore and create.

Not everyone who works for us is as familiar with the history of fantasy roleplaying as I am, so it’s also my job to make sure, if the team starts going down the wrong path, I can not only correct them, but explain why. If you’ve played a lot of video games or wargames, even worked on them, it’s easy to get excited about what an MCDM Orc might look like, for instance. But it’s my job to say “No that would be more like a kobold.”

I do the same thing for the design. Each freelancer is only working on a few monsters, so it would be easy for the Snake Folk designer and the Frog People designer to both give their monsters the “amphibious” trait. It’s my job to tell one of them “no that’s already spoken for.”

These meetings usually only last about an hour, and then the art team designs the Concept for the creature. Here’s the original concept for our Goblins.

As you can see, this is not exactly what we ended up with, but it does point very clearly in a certain direction. Concepts are not finished illustrations, they never become finished illustrations. They exist only to let the artists know what our monster looks like. You can see everything you need here; a snout instead of a humanoid skull (the human skulls on the left are for scale), long floppy ears. Elongated arms, bandy legs, and prehensile feet.

It was only after seeing how Jason drew the feet that we thought “they should be arboreal!” And James gave them a climb speed.

This concept only came together after quite a lot of discussion and exploration. When folks see the Kickstarter goal, and it's so much more money than other RPG kickstarters, this is where the money goes. We went down a lot of dead ends before we hit on the simian body-style inspired by bonobo apes and silverback gorillas, but those dead ends aren’t failures, we all know: this is the process. It’s an exploration.

Once the concept is done, the artists start drawing different goblins! And that’s when the concept is refined, tweaked.

This is pretty similar to what the designer does. They spend their time thinking about “how do goblins behave in combat?” Once they have an answer (they’re Crafty!) then it’s time to make several different kinds of Goblins.

What’s Next?

By the time you read this we’ll already have had our first two or three kickoff meetings, but I shall not reveal which monsters. :D

There’s going to be a lot of radio silence until Packet #1 drops, because if we start talking about which monsters we’re working on at the moment, then everyone starts imagining how they’ll work. You’d see lots of ideas and theories in the Discord and folks would get excited about certain guesses….

And then the actual packet drops and folks are disappointed it’s not what they guessed. “I liked what that one person posted!” We want people to be surprised and excited when a new packet drops!

Packet #1 will probably drop around the end of July which seems like a looong time right now, but that’s because we’re doing all the kickoff meetings now and there’s a lot of scheduling and assignments and, basically, logistics.

After all that work is done and the first packet drops, you’ll get new packets more frequently and probably pretty regularly. And they’ll be pretty big! Some will have many more monsters than the Preview Packet!

Miscellaneous Features

Folks have asked for a LOT of new features. Stuff not covered in the Preview Packet. By and large if we haven’t announced it in the Kickstarter Campaign page or the announcement video, it’s probably not going to be in the book.

HOWEVER, James and I are always thinking, planning, scheming and sometimes we think “we didn’t promise this, but it has a lot of value and would not add a lot of time to the schedule.” When that happens…we add it!

Now at this stage, I do not know what those features are, but part of being an independent company is that if we think something’s a good idea, and we have the time to do it then we can just…decide to add it!

When Will The Pledge Manager Launch?

Around the end of this month, you'll get an email letting you know it's live. The pledge manager will allow you to customize your pledge. It's where you tell us your address or shirt size, you can add or remove items from your pledge. 

Future Updates

I’m not a huge fan of talking just for the sake of talking (that’s what twitch is for!). So you’re only going to hear from us when there’s something to talk about.

But that will include the new packets and the art when it drops, so there’ll be a LOT to talk about once the assembly line starts spitting out finished, tested monsters. Tons of discussion once that happens.

Until then, I strongly recommend the MCDM Discord if there’s stuff you’re excited about or have questions about. Kickstarter isn’t very robust as a social platform. But the focus right now is on delivering the book we promised, so if you’re excited about some feature not mentioned there, the answer is probably “we’re not planning on that right now.”

But once the assembly line is working, who knows?? :D

Thanks for all the support everyone, I am personally very excited about where the monster book is going just from the Kickoff Meetings I had today. I think you folks are gonna love these monsters.

6 months ago – Thu, Apr 14, 2022 at 04:11:41 AM

One MILLION dollars!!

Hey everybody! Matt Colville here. Well, we’re making Lairs! And unique treasure hoards! That’s going to be super awesome and fun to design. Also increases the value of the book as now you’ll be able to just grab this named villain and their home base! And use it in your adventure without needing to do any more work.

Also, I just think if you kill a Named Boss you should get some dope treasure. Normal stuff like gold or valuable objets d'art, but also cool unique items. Back in the day, when you saw the Holy Avenger in the Core Rules you’d be like “HOLY MOLEY! How do I get one of THESE??” Because they just seemed so epic.

But then you’d buy an official adventure and you found out that the treasure in the core rules was weak sauce compared to this stuff! Sure, there’s a holy avenger in this adventure, but it’s unique! It’s got a name and a personality and its own special abilities. In addition to the normal holy avenger stuff!

So that’s the idea! We think you folks will be very happy with the results.

This is my third kickstarter and every time, I am completely gobsmacked by the outpouring of support and interest. It is not something you get used to. The entire tone of MCDM changes from “is this something people want? Are we making a compelling product? Do other people share this same vision?” To “Yay! We get to make a ton of cool monsters!”

Before the Kickstarter, there’s this sense of…well, better not jinx it. Don’t get excited, maybe folks are happy with the monsters they got. So we make plans and schedules and we work on the preview and the rest of the campaign, but now we know people want it which means we get really excited and all we’re talking about is all the monsters we want to improve and invent.

So that’s the last book-related goal! This is as dope as the book gets! Barring any brilliant ideas we have. :D From here on out, there’s only one goal remaining and–I said this before, and I meant it–it still seems pretty unlikely we’ll get there.

We’ll start uploading FAQ questions soon, probably tomorrow, now that we have a good idea of what questions people are actually asking.

Meanwhile, it’s time for me and James to sit down and plan the first Monster Packet! Super looking forward to that, we got a big, long outline full of monsters and environments and it’s time to take that outline and start playing Scheduling Tetris with it to figure out which packet each monsters goes in.

What’s next? Depends on where this kickstarter ultimately lands. I’m incredibly happy and not a little bit amazed that we made it this far already!

But it’s a long way to North Africa….

One Stretch Goals Down and Livestream Today
6 months ago – Thu, Apr 14, 2022 at 03:51:50 AM

Hey Folks,

James Introcaso here again. Thanks to you, we have raised over $900,000, and have more than 11,000 backers. So I am pleased to announce that…

Rival NPC parties are coming to Flee, Mortals! If you’re familiar with our actual play stream, The Chain of Acheron, you might remember the encounter with the Black Iron Pact. Well, we’re going to add seven rival parties like that to the book for a total of 35 named NPCs, each with their own history and unique stat block. I’ma make a murderous, suave gnoll for you.

I want to offer another HUGE thank you from us at MCDM for backing Flee Mortals! If you want to share in the joy, right now, you can join Matt and me for a live YouTube Q&A about the Kickstarter.

And if you’ve used the monsters in the free preview packet, we definitely want to know what you think. Come chat about them and the Kickstarter with other backers in our Discord and on our subreddit.

—James and the Flee, Mortals! Crew